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BALANCE. a work of prose by F. Wes Breitenbach

DBPMarch 5, 20153 min read

So we find ourselves on the edge of a river. We think through the process. Shoving off from the solid…

Ocoee, Mano a Mano: My First (and Only) Solo Run

Lauralyn ChrisleyJuly 24, 2017

(Cover photo by¬†Woody Woodall) I didn’t tell very many people when I decided to run the Ocoee once by myself,…

INSIDE THE MIND OF HONEY BADGER MEDIA HOUSE ~ An International Dirtbag:Ollie El-Gamel by “Chicago” Mike Toughill

DBPJanuary 23, 2015

I’ve met many talented people from all over the world in my role as head of Dirt Bag Paddlers. One…


DBPJanuary 15, 2016

Some people, just by force of their basic nature, have a tendency to react to some of the ideals set…

HOT TIMES ON THE OTTAWA RIVER~ How Esprit Rafting Survived the Fire. byGreg Pippett, with Ian Bailey

DBPJuly 15, 2016

This May, on Friday the 20th, the Esprit rafting team members were returning from a big training day, polishing up…


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