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The Double Pump

The double pump is a core skill for both flatwater and hole moves. It develops the strength, balance and technique for moves such as cartwheels and splitwheels, while also enabling flatwater moves such as bow stalls. I would recommend practising lean cleans ##link## before, as it develops the edge control that makes this much easier.

  1. Put your paddle over one side of the boat, while keeping your weight over the boat and dropping an edge towards the side that the paddle is on.
  2. Do a forward sweep stroke, while lifting your knees and moving your weight backwards. This should pull your bow clear of the water.
  3. Use the falling bows momentum to help get you on end. Use the back of the blade to push the bow under, while throwing your weight forward onto your feet.


Hints and Tips

  • Use lots of edge! Ideally the boat will be at or over 45 degrees.
  • Use the lean clean to help practice your edge control.
  • Keep your weight over the boat – if you don’t you will likely just pirouette and fall on your face!