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DIRT BAG BOOKCLUB ~ Tom Robey’s “A Gringo’s Guide To Mexican Whitewater.”

Chicago MikeFebruary 4, 20174 min read

In November 2016, I informed my family and friends that I would be travelling to Mexico the following month, alone,…

CHAOS ISN’T SO CHAOTIC ~ how the lessons learned on The River cantransform you. by Caleb Chicoine

DBPJuly 28, 2015

The churning waters, crushing currents, swirling whirlpools, and magnificent waterfalls are typically one’s horror, but for me, it’s my home.…

TRUSS’t Me, You’re Gonna Have a Good Time – JT Hartman

DBPSeptember 21, 2017

Don’t forget the main prize is for the video with the most views at the end of the competition,…


DBPMay 27, 2016

Johnstown, PA is probably most known for its devastating flood in May of 1889. However, nearly a thousand whitewater enthusiasts…

A DIRTBAG DOES THE BIG DITCH – Peter Ely’s journal of his 2015 GrandCanyon mission PART TWO. By Peter Ely

DBPMarch 17, 2015

Editors: Kayaker Peter Ely, a transplanted Californian who makes his home in the mountains of North Carolina, recently completed a…


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