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EJ Teaches Playboating- Whitewater Kayaking- Bow and Stern Stall

DBPMay 1, 20181 min read

Learn how to hold yourself vertical on the bow and stern in a whitewater kayak

The Raft Guiding Physicist.

The Raft Guiding Physicist.

Chicago MikeFebruary 17, 2018

by Chip SandersI’ve heard raft guides called a lot of names since I joined the community two years ago: dirtbag,…

FREESTYLE WALLACE ~ Dirtbaggin’ the Welsh Open Freestyle + Boater X.byChris Macdonald, DBP UK Admin

DBPMay 10, 2016

Two weekends ago (Saturday 30th April – Sunday 1st May) I attended the Welsh Open Freestyle + Boater X. The…

TAKE OUT : JANUARY 2017 #DBFamily Photos from Our Admins Around the World

TAKE OUT : JANUARY 2017 #DBFamily Photos from Our Admins Around the World

Chicago MikeJanuary 30, 2017

EDITOR’S DESK: January is a special month, because it sets the tone for a new year. We are very proud…

ALL FORWARD THINKING by “Chicago” Toughill, Editor

DBPMarch 27, 2015

DBP MAGAZINE is all ONLINE, which let’s us feature tons more photos per article than a standard print mag, let’s…


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