Dale #Danewho Guarniere


Dale #Danewho Guarniere


I was born into boating. My dad was a river guide for 30 years and owns Kosir’s Rapid Rafts in Silver Cliff, WI and I was raised since birth one minute from the takeout of the Peshtigo River. When it’s running good I can hear it outside my window! Now I’m his river manager and I’m on the river or dealing with it every day from April to September. Before the season the last few years I’ve spent a month or more traveling and kayaking all over the southeast with my many Dirtbag friends. As soon as the season wraps up, I head to WV every year for Gauley Fest and Upper Yough laps. Whitewater is my birthright and in my blood. Like Aaron Rodgers I’m here to run the table! #DIP

A few years back I didn’t know anything about famous kayakers because, well, none of them ever come to Wisconsin! And at the time I was fully committed to rafting. I met Dane Jackson, and then afterwards I said to Mike (Chicago Mike Toughill, Editor-in-Chief and my old boss at Kosir’s) “Dane who?” And so it began! #danewho


  • Favourite River
    • No matter how far I travel, or where I go, my two favorite rivers will always be the Peshtigo and Menominee Rivers where I grew up in Wisconsin. I’ve worked at my dad’s raft company since I was a young boy, and I’ve paddled these rivers for 15 years. Now I’m the river manager and a sponsored kayaker, and I still live 1 minute from the Peshtigo takeout!
  • Current gear
    • EXO is my kayak, Madcap is my helmet, AT is my paddle, Watershed is my drybag, and Hyside is my raft!
  • Aims for 2017
    • In 2017 I’m going full on! From the SE to the PNW, the Gauley to the UP, and back home at Kosir’s Rapid Rafts, I’m sending every stout and boating every day I can!
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