Travis Overstreet II


Travis Overstreet II


Being nominated to the AllWallace Team last and this year has been immensely appreciated. I’d like to thank my parents, friends, and fellow paddling cohorts. My parents for raising me in our lifestyle since 1980. If it wasn’t for you two I’d still be searching for the part that makes me who I am. H2O fills our dreams and thoughts 24/7. I also want to thank everyone out there that has given a positive word of encourgement to another boater, given a class, taken someone under their wing or just downright been that guy or gal that always smiles and helps out whoever and however. This is why I love our lifestyle. It’s all of us that make it so unbelievably kickass.

This past year was a whirlwind of Family, work and of course boating. I guess you could say I’ve been surfing the wave of life and it’s been a kickass surf so far. Next year in the way of boating I’ll be getting my kids out as much as possible so they can also appreciate what Mother Nature has given us. I’m also putting alot of energy into ‘Single Bladers Getaway‘ in July. Such an awesome way for us all to give back to our lifestyle.

I want to give a huge thanks to Shawn Alexander with Fall Line Canoes, Vince Zappia over at ZapPaddles and Mat Toddhunter the Honcho in charge at Ridge Spirit Outfitting. They are always pushing the limits on new gear, paddles, outfitting and even wild ass creations. Pat Metheny at Backcountry Ski & Sports has been keeping me geared up and warm for years now. Getting to paddle and use all these homegrown goodies is a dream come true.

Finally I want to thank DBP and the history we share together. We all grow into something beautiful and what this group has become is amazing. From dams getting removed, helping our Native Ancestors fight for their land or just getting peeps on the river y’all are doing it right. Until next we see each other boofing or sharing an eddy and a smile I say to you In The Middle Of A Rapid, Nothing Else Exists.