Dirt Bag Paddlers Merchandise

Here is a full list of our merchandise. We can discuss shipping at the time of your order (some items ship free!) We also do some overseas shipping with Customs added to the order. 
TO ORDER: either go to our Facebook Page, Dirt Bag Paddlers, and private message us (we are on there quite a bit)
DBP Stickers: WALLACE represent, Dirtbagmobile, and DBP Logo helmet decals – $3 or any two for $5
WALLACE Boat Decals : Red White Blue Green or Gold – $4
DBP PFD patch – $5
DBP ballcaps, flatbrims, and winter hats – $15

CANT CHEAT THE WALLACE shirts – only 2 left in S and XL – $15

WALLACE MAKES ME WET female vneck – S, M, L – $15

DBQueen Paddle Me Hard boyshorts: red, white, black, orange, teal, pink – S, M, L – $15

WALLACE hoody $35

Steep Creek Rescue is now offering “THE DIRTBAG” throwbag! $79. Designed with true dirtbag paddler river guides in mind, this bag comes standard with 75 feet of 3/8 inch rope rated at 3282 lbs or 5/16″ rated at 1600. Ultraline upgrade also available (rated for 5280 lbs).

“They’re the real deal. First bag in 12 years of guiding that is EXACTLY what I would do if I made my own! That’s why DBP approached Steep Creek Rescue and asked if we could collaborate. We are PROUD to have our logo on this throw bag! There are too many bags on the market that are frankly not suited to the real work a raft guide needs to do in an emergency; instead the market is flooded with small bags designed to sell to hard boaters with rope gauge that just don’t work well in all the scenarios that may play out on the river. THE DIRTBAG is designed to be the best all-in-one rescue rope on the market, and I’m stoked to clip it to my raft” – Mike Toughill, River Manager at Kosir’s Rapid Rafts and DBP Admin. 
Go to their Facebook page, or website to order:

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