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Save the Ötztaler Ache – stop the Tumpen Dam

The first of many hydro-electric schemes for the Oetz valley, the Tumpen Dam, has started construction under the cover of the Covid-19 outbreak. The Ötztaler Ache is the largest remaining free flowing river in Tyrol, Austria. It is a leading destination for whitewater kayakers worldwide, with the Sickline kayaking championships having been held on a […]

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Nepali paddler prepares to share new lessons, reinvent kayak instruction in Nepal

It is boating season in Nepal, and as the Join Adventure’s team reunites leader Dipesh Gurung is excited to share a newly learned way of teaching with his fellow Nepali boaters and trip participants . Gurung, Join Adventure’s co-founder and trip leader, has returned from two months at the New Zealand Kayak School where he […]


Intro Tips for Big Water Kayaking

This Article is courtesy of Ross Montandon of New Wave Kayaking, a top class coaching company based in the UK. Check out the end of the article for more about Ross and New Wave, or check out their Facebook, Instagram and Website. Spring is well and truly here. We thought we’d refresh your memory on big volume water for the […]

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National Paddling Film Festival 2018 By Michael Potter

Back in 1982  the first National Paddling Film Festival was held in a barn at the Kentucky Horse Park. This event has become the annual tradition ever since. When I asked Bob Larkin how this event came to transpire, he answered honestly “Just give Kentucky paddlers a reason to throw a party, and they will.” […]

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Little Lessons

Michael Potter hooks up with Lauralyn Chrisley for an afternoon of ice cream headache rolls and fail-boofing with the one and only Kirk Eddlemon

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Speak up for a Wild and Scenic Nolichucky!

Here at DBP we strongly believe in protecting rivers around the world. This is one of the main aims of our DBP Active! group, who have a specific campaign that they are working on this spring with partner organisations. We are working with American Whitewater and USA raft on the campaign to get the Nolichucky […]

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Celebrating the Women of whitewater!

For international women’s day 2018 we decided to showcase some of our stories and interviews featuring the women of whitewater from all around the world. Featuring world champions, ace photographers and more, this is our celebration of the awesome women of the whitewater world: First off, back in 2017 we had an interview with the […]

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White Nile Christmas – Jinja, Uganda

Associate Editor Lauralyn Chrisley takes us along for a White Nile adventure in the heart of Africa.

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Blazing the New Frontier with Kirk Eddlemon

Michael Potter goes microcreeking and mega Wallacing on an exploratory run with Kirk Eddlemon

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Kayaking the Taurus Region of Turkey

Longtime Kayak guide Serkan Konya takes us on a tour of the magic whitewater of his home in the Taurus Region of Turkey, with a look back at his journeys exploring the rivers over the years.