DBP TOP DOG CONTEST presented by Dirt Bag Paddlers

February is Dirtbag Doggy Month here at DBP! We’ve got some great features coming at you here at DBP MAGAZINE ONLINE, including shining this month’s Spotlight on an Original Dirtbag at Dojie The Rescue Dog. Weekly excerpts of the full article will run over on the Dirt Bag Paddlers Facebook page every Throwback Thursday, as is our custom, with the final product running the last TBT of the month. 

We are also pleased to introduce the TOP DOG PHOTO CONTEST! We are requesting submissions of photos of you and your dog having some Dirtbag fun, be in on or off the water, by posting directly to our Facebook page! Each Friday night in February, at 8pm CST, we will select one winner, who will receive a DBP Doggy Bandana for the pooch, as well as some WALLACE stickers for their best buddy! We are also very stoked to announce that we will make a cash donation of $30 in the winner’s name to their Rescue or Shelter of choice, no matter where they are. We love our doggies and we’ve rescued four legged friends before, and believe very strongly in being good neighbors in the community. We will be sharing links to the place selected by the winners, and strongly urge the local dirtbags in the area to do a small drive, whether it be for food, bedding, or fund raising, to assist them as well. Shelters and especially Rescues really need our support, and Dirt Bag Paddlers certainly will broadcast any pleas for help if you all want to pitch in… We love being part of a Solution! 

Our four Weekly TOP DOG winners will also be entered into the FINALS VOTING! On Saturday morning Feb 28, we will post the four photos as comments in a post for TOP DOG that will be pinned to the top of our Facebook page until that evening, when we count the tally. EVERYONE CAN VOTE BY LIKING THEIR FAVORITE PHOTO(S). Simple as that!

Ruffwear Performance Dog Gear. Has partnered with us to offer prizes to the finalists dependent on the outcome of the vote! The most likes wins a K-9 Float Coat that has been generously donated by the awesome people at Ruffwear! We will get the winner in touch with them for sizing etc and it will be shipped directly to them. 2nd Place will get a Dirtbag Seat cover, a brand new product from Ruffwear. We love the name!! (And our vehicle is begging for one !!) 3rd Place will be getting a Ruffwear Hydro Plane floating water toy! And the least place will get a big sticker package from Ruffwear and DBP and our friends from Cascade Outfitters, Liquidlogic Kayaks and Airborn Kayaking. So there truly IS no such thing as losing!! 

We are stoked to be partnering with the good folks at Ruffwear! DBP only reps high quality gear, and from personal experience these guys make THE BEST PFD for your pup! My dogs have one! Much thanks is in order to them for helping us to make this contest a reality. 

Dojie the Rescue Dog was best friends with a true Dirtbag rubber pusher named Marlin who is a friend to us. Dojie lived an incredible life both on and off The River, but sadly passed away a few days back from illness after leading a good long life with a loving friend. We dedicate February and TOP DOG to this true Dirtbag Doggy! Gone Never Forgotten…
We also encourage puppy themed videos be posted to our page, but the contest is photo based only. THANKS!!
Some links: 
And their amazing Facebook page
Dojie’s Facebook page
Dojie’s Law Facebook page

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