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WELCOME TO OUR MONDAY MORNING FEATURE. We hope to share with you our readers the songs of the River, that they may either start your work week off right or recharge your batteries after a long weekend with the custys… We heartily accept submissions via email.
DAMN THEM by Taz Riggs
Damn Them
Behind a massive wall of concrete
80 meters beneath the surface 
Of cold, still and stagnant water
The Royal Court was laid to rest.
{Taz was a boatman on the Bio Bio in the 90s…
Taz pushing the hole in the “Ten”, 1995. Now encased in the concrete of the Dam…
The Royal Flush Canyon (top to bottom: the King, the Queen and the Jack) “Corto y dulce”
The dam site being prepared. The big hole in the “Ten” is just below and to the right of the big boulder bottom right.
“Neither the pictures nor the poem can convey the pain.” (REAL)}
WHAT WILL THEY SAY OF US? by “Chicago” Toughill
Un día van a decir
no más Maipo
o Bio Bio
represar Jondachi
mis amigos , no más
dormir un sueño intermitente
lágrimas fluyen a raudales
puedo escuchar el estruendo de los rápidos
que sueño ,
ese rugido no más.
One day they will say
no more Maipo
or Bio Bio
dam Jondachi
my friends, no more
sleep fitful sleep
Tears flow in torrents
I can hear the roar of the rapids
I dream,
that roar no more .

DOWNWARD WALLACE part 2 by “Chicago” Toughill
But I’m calm in the knowing
The River is flowing 
Crawling I’m going
Between boulders I’m lead,
To the fishes I’ll be fed.
But clear is my mind,
Surprising I find
Myself thinking
“You should be out of breath…”
Tumbling along at the bottom,
The darkness and rocks
All I see, all I feel
Powerless, whisked away.
Then suddenly 
The water lightens,
And I rise rise rise up!
Breaking the surface
The WALLACE doesn’t end here.
There’s still a swim
From middle of the river,
With dead arms and legs,
Around a giant rock
Looming downstream.
I look around me.
Swimmers everywhere,
From multiple boats.
Seven Grand on the Gauley
Has a way of doing that.
The closest person is but an ant,
The raft is far downstream,
So I rest between strokes
Work my way to the right,
Am pulled to my rescue
By friends. 
Heaven’s Gates will always be
To me.
{Editor: looking at film of other swims and estimating time, musta been about a minute and a half under, and pinned to the rock a solid 45 seconds…}

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