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WELCOME TO OUR MONDAY MORNING FEATURE. We hope to share with you our readers the songs of the River, that they may either start your work week off right or recharge your batteries after a long weekend with the custys… We heartily accept submissions via email.
THE RIVER by Chicago Toughill
It flows through us all,
It’s power,
It’s glory,
It’s life giving force,
It’s crushing, killing fury.
It mouds us & molds us,
Feeds us,
Entertains and breeds us,
Calls to us,
And carries us away.
On high water days its rumbling 
In the woods
Is what I awake to.
It fires my soul,
My appetite leaves me.
We check over gear,
Nervously laugh,
Bold, and yet cautious,
We who know
The River. 
LIKE THE WATER WE FALL by Casarah Nance 
As she flows 
the world changes her stride,
she will not stop, she flows strong and proud. 
The rocks come. 
She fills the crevices, 
She finds her way past the boundaries. 
Water rush, 
gravity pulls her down to the bottom of the river bed. 
Success comes. 
Pouring from the top down, 
Keep on going like a waterfall.  

RUSH by Alex Brunner
From a young age,
I have know what it means to be in love.
To have something you can’t get out of your head
So addicting
That you would rather be dead than to forge on without it
She is so amazing and so special
She shakes souls
Squeezing the the sanity from my bones
Filling me up with savory succor that only pushes me onward.
I go into her, only knowing a fraction of her majesty
A minuscule measure of her secrets.
Her motions are clear
Her playful nature
She takes me in,
The embrace natural and nurturing.
Truly ecstatic she cleanses my body
My mind flows freely away
I am lost in her.
Suddenly, she shoves me away
Cold and rugged
The strength of a hundred seasons
Simply searching for an outlet.
Today she has found her outlet in me
Bashing me with fists of boulders
She breaks me and scores my flesh
Brining scars and callouses as reminders of her torment
Pushing me to call for reprieve.
Suddenly, the fight is gone
She has unclenched her fists and come back to her senses
Initial thought says to stay away
To run and hide from her
This terrific being that berates bodies and mangles minds
But return I must to her side
Cold as she may be
For her love is that of a River 
Rushing Wild and Free.

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