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WELCOME TO OUR MONDAY MORNING FEATURE. We hope to share with you our readers the songs of the River, that they may either start your work week off right or recharge your batteries after a long weekend with the custys… We heartily accept submissions via email.
WHAT WE DO. A scoop of thought by F.Wes Breitenbach
We do what we do because we can,
    while we still can.
We do what we do to escape
     and to bring us back.
We do what we do with friends,
     yet, still alone.
We do what we do out of love,
     even through the fear.
We do what we do for the beauty,
      often interrupted but never lost.
We do what we do for we are called,
       though we have no answer.
We do what we do for everyone
       And  for no one.
We do what we do to live,
       the true meaning of life.

       (print by Hannah Groves)

Sometimes things go well. 
Sometimes you swim really deep. 
Bootie beer. Wallace.

       (Photo by Chris Doing )

EVOKING by Hal Loyd Denton
From the movement of bright water dancing what surprise pleasure there is flood and white 
Water rafting gentle falling rain or the more memorizing gray mist by its draping cloak normal 
Surroundings become mystical but for timeless enhancement to appear in water and light and 
The smallest movement to the soul it is an entry way into beauty comfort and the perfect 
Amount of dazzle a mere kiss from nature that embodies sanctuary a certain amount of 
Disbelief but it is the boldest statement from awareness you can shift your body and soul along 
This gilded avenue we didn’t even mention ice and its hold on the imagination it stands to 
Reason when the earth is covered by three quarters of its surface by water then the two 
Extremes that is evident in tears that can be sorrow or joy the practical reality is that even tears 
Of sorrow are curative in their nature they are the only thing that is strong enough to engage 
Pain and loneliness they give it crystal clearness a lucid endowment you are given the freedom 
To seek and find the answer that will turn back even a tidal wave of grief if windows can be 
Rendered magical by the presence of rain upon their surface much glory will be found when 
You look out at the world with your eyes filled with tears the spirit has raised from great depths 
Now it is free flowing suspended behind these eyes of blessedness the greatest earthly power 
Exist the human mind distillation ability to capture wonder be amazed at the sight of a butterfly 
Especially when it is only the briefest spectacle that follows on to give portent and complete 
Knowledge of spring itself streams waterfalls a panorama that glistens that bulges and thrills 
With all matter of life blossoms flowers that are never more intriguing when they have the cast 
Of moisture on them fragrance is wafting in all directions of the earth’s domain the sight and 
Sounds of a new born calf its fragile state it bawls for mother and the life she provides you are 
The sum total of all this were you not created as the top masterpiece with a word or a smile 
And Just the tilt of your head you are splashing generating emotional waves that all humans 
Crave By sunlight and moonlight you are the power that banishes heartfelt hurts when you look 
In the Mirror you’re the essence of true life a new field that is budding the crowning 
Achievement of a Holy contract that is established in the earth for this reason happiness is 
Yours to express and invest in each life you can give at this level and not be greatly rewarded 
You were not made a slave but as a fount and a treasure of purist water too continuously 
Provide climate control through you life will never be a desert but a garden for all to flourish 
and reach their potential

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