THE LAST DBPoetsCircle….. Presented by Dirt Bag Paddlers

THIS IS OUR FINAL MONDAY MORNING FEATURE. We have enjoyed sharing with you our readers the songs of the River. But like all things, the seasons have changed, and The River is calling. Us dirtbags are returning to weekends spent on whitewater, with custys and friends, doing what it is that makes us Dirtbags. Should the spirit move you, please feel free to send us submissions, and when we assemble some we will gladly share them in the occasional batch. We may return with regular circles after the ice returns…
See you at the put-in… 

A Spring Haiku by Taz Riggs
Baseball cap buttons
Independent children grow
Lilies melt the snow

Ice is out,
Boating’s in
Time to see old friends again,
Spring is here
Time for cheer,
And an ice cold take out beer.
WALLACE every dirtbag too.
River’s up,
Waters high
Time for us to say goodbye.
Till we all 
Meet this fall
At the takeout, have a ball! 
It’s been fun celebrating mARTch with you guys! Cheers!!


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