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IT’S SIMPLE ~ #OneLoveOneRiver and #DBFamily Anew.

EDITOR’S DESK: The concept of #DBFamily is full of variety, but it’s not complex. For those who share a love of whitewater and live the #OneLoveOneRiver Philosophy, the norms of our community come almost second nature to us, but for the 99% of humanity looking in from the outside… Well, they have a harder time coming to terms with the love and unity that risking one’s life in the pursuit of pleasure cements into place.

All January we have been serving up examples of families paddling together.We given examples of blood relations paddling together in many forms: Tim McDonald and Paul Eckel rafting with their young children; Lee Laughton and Steve Smith going kayaking with their kids; the Delamottes, Sandovals, and Michael Potter all boating with their brothers; Travis Overstreet’s story of canoeing with his dad and kids and Joe Mayer taking both his father and son out for their first whitewater adventures; even Doug and Amanda Walton’s courtship and marriage through paddling and their dreams for young Everett.

Priscilla Macy

Now let’s examine the Family unit that we all become a part of on the river, and how that sometimes matures and blossoms into something more off the river. I’ve paddled with many fine people in locations around the world, and I’ve been blessed to form lasting friendships with even more people that I haven’t had the pleasure to meet in person, yet. No matter where I’ve boated, I’ve noticed one universal theme above all others that tie us together most powerfully. We all consider each other as a Family, especially our friends whom we go hard with the most, but even extending to those occasional acquaintances that chance throws together with us at the put in. We are as a community affectionate towards each other, and stewards of each other, taking pains to keep each other safe, sharing food and beer, and smiles. #DBFamily is a beautiful thing.

Jacob Cruser, photo by James Philips

We introduce to you two friends: DBP Admin Priscilla Macy and Jacob Cruser. Random chance brought our characters together, first as rubber pushers, and next as hard boaters. (Actually, such narrow definitions don’t do justice to these awesome Dirtbags: add inflatable kayakers, photographers, first descent explorers, SUPsquatchers, even pool toy Paddlers to their shared list of passions!) They were part of a River Family, and they loved each other in that way. The seed once sowed indeed blossomed into true love, and a deeper meaning of Family. Who knows what the future may bring? Perhaps like Doug and Amanda we will one day celebrate the marriage of Jacob and Priscilla, perhaps one day they will share that love of the River with a little one -or like Paul Eckel, ONES- of their own, as both of their families once instilled it with them. So is the natural progression of things, like water flowing downstream.

“Even as a young lass, I was drawn to water…”

Now I turn things over to Miss Macy, known in the PNW boating community as P-Money. Her words, photos, and videos will show you prime examples of the beauty without and within that inspires all of us in our own little corners of the world. ~ “Chicago” Mike Toughill

“I have been pretty lucky to end up with a guy who shares (if not exceeds) my love of rivers and adventure. Even though we did not meet until our later years in college, we both shared a similar past.

Jacob and I grew up in Oregon, but on polar ends of the state: Jacob in the Northwest (Portland area) and I in the Southwest (Grants Pass). We both spent much of our childhood on rivers with our family


The first time Jacob and I paddled together was on the Little White Salmon (at summer flows), R-2 style in a 10 foot raft I had borrowed from my school. So the story goes, after many adventures together we decided to be a couple.


Now, a few years later, we are living together and doing our best to make the most of every weekend on the water in between work and school. Having a shared passion makes our relationship easy in many ways, but as the nature of kayaking goes, there are also moments of difficulty. The nature of the type of kayaking we enjoy most is that it often pushes us to go to perceived mental and physical limits at times.



For me, Jacob has very much been a mentor to me in my kayaking over the years. Having a partner who intimately knows your strengths and weaknesses in these moments is at times a source of frustration and conflict, but more often a source of empowerment and growth.

Priscilla behind the lens

Ultimately, it is the common drive to explore and share the experience of adventure that gives us a pretty neat way to grow together. I have always had the thought that adventure is best shared, and now that I can share it with someone that I also share my life with, it makes it that much more worth doing.



Here’s to creating more memories on the river with the people who matter most.” ~Priscilla

Priscilla and Jacob on a mission, photo by Kate Burke


Photos from Priscilla’s Instagram account can be found on her feed @missp_money with credit. Give her a follow!

By Chicago Mike

Editor-in-Chief "Chicago" Mike Toughill is co-founder of Dirt Bag Paddlers and former Peshtigo River Manager at Kosir's Rapid Rafts in Wisconsin. He's been Wallacing since 2003.

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