Paddling Banter: Just keep rollin’

As we get towards the end of May, it is time for another instalment of paddling banter! May has seen record flows across much of the USA and Canada, with awesome events like Send’s Unleashed! We also strongly recommend checking out the new Podcast from paddling banter.


We start off with another funny depiction of national paddler stereotypes. Do you have any additions to add to this? Let us know in the comments!  A big export from the US paddler to the rest of the paddling world has been the booty, which leads us neatly on to:


We all seem to have that friend that is doing endless booties (or boaties, a concept from a friend of mine!). Don’t forget to appease the river gods, or you won’t be doing much of what is in the next panel…


Ah rolling. Not an issue for you rafters out there! I personally really love the metalhead duck in this one…


We all know someone that thinks they are a big deal! What is particularly amusing is when they mess up and swim, but don’t tell them that!


That’s all from paddling banter this month, check back next month for more!


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