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Speak up for a Wild and Scenic Nolichucky!

Here at DBP we strongly believe in protecting rivers around the world. This is one of the main aims of our DBP Active! group, who have a specific campaign that they are working on this spring with partner organisations.

We are working with American Whitewater and USA raft on the campaign to get the Nolichucky river gorge as a wild and scenic river. Between International rivers day (March 14th) and Earth Day (April 22nd) we hope to get as many people as possible to contact their representatives to support the motion. If you are from Tennessee or North Carolina this is particularly important, but the more voices the better!

This is an important designation as it protects the natural state of the river to preserve this beautiful area. Share this post with people so we get more voices!

 To contact your representative please click here


This is what American Whitewater has to say on the issue:

“The mountains of North Carolina and Tennessee have hundreds of dams, yet only a handful of protected Wild and Scenic Rivers. These designated Wild and Scenic Rivers, like the Big South Fork and Wilson Creek are beloved by locals and visitors alike. There is a significant grassroots movement to designate the Nolichucky River Gorge, between Poplar, North Carolina and Erwin, Tennessee as the region’s next Wild and Scenic River. Designation would ensure the river is never dammed or diverted, and that its special scenic and recreational values will remain untarnished for generations to come. Designation requires an act of the US Congress, and the first step is for the introduction of a bill. We encourage you to ask your congressional delegation to make this a priority.”


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