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Save the Ötztaler Ache – stop the Tumpen Dam

The first of many hydro-electric schemes for the Oetz valley, the Tumpen Dam, has started construction under the cover of the Covid-19 outbreak.

The Ötztaler Ache is the largest remaining free flowing river in Tyrol, Austria. It is a leading destination for whitewater kayakers worldwide, with the Sickline kayaking championships having been held on a directly affected section for many years. At a lower level, the various sections on the Ötztaler Ache are used for commercial rafting, bringing in important tourists during the summer season.

Up to 43% of the Ötztaler Ache’s flow could be diverted away by this and other planned hydroelectric schemes, which would severely affect the unique unspoiled ecology of this river, and of the Inn downstream.

Take a look at Save our Rivers for more info, and how to object:


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