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WEST BY GOD GOODNESS ~ A Dirtbag Family Descends the New River Gorge.Article and header photo by Joe Mayer, article photos by Michael D.Sawyer

The New River has always held a revered position in my mind. When I was a beginning boater in the mid 90’s, the New was considered a class III+/IV test piece, at least amongst the crowd I ran with, one of those rivers used to gauge your progress like the Ocoee and the Gauley. I […]

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BETWEEN SWIMS. by Ian Bailey

As a kayaker, jokes about swimming are relentless. Swimming is a last resort when it all goes wrong, to pop your spray deck and bail out of the boat, like a downed fighter pilot. To swim means that the river got the better of you, that you weren’t good enough and had to admit defeat. […]

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RAFTING SKILLS: Coping with Flips. by William McGinnis

EDITOR’S NOTE: If you’ve been pushing rubber for years like some of us Dirtbags, you’ve probably Wallaced more times than you can count… But thankfully the raft guide lifestyle is alive and well, and each season countless rookies join the ranks to tackle The River, escort their blissfully unaware customers downstream, and copewith their inevitable […]