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Where Do We Stop The Stupid?

Staff Writer Michael Potter talks openly about the struggles that face a learning kayaker, and what steps he took to overcome Stupid.

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What an Adventure! Global support sends Nepali paddler to New Zealand for instructor training.

By Juniper Rose After years of anticipation, two failed visa attempts, and support from across the globe, Nepali paddler Dipesh Gurung finally holds the golden ticket to bringing his kayak instructing to the next level — a visa. With this document and months of hard work and fundraising, Gurung, a DBP 2017 All Wallace Team […]

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The Really Big Deal (for the Newbs)

(Cover Image: Beautiful Bernice Karnett on Oblique Falls, Hiwassee River, TN. Photographed by Mike Tossing.) Some paddling days are extra special. On those days, my friends and I get up even earlier. We check and double-check our gear, our throw ropes, our first aid kits, the charge on our cameras. There’s a low buzz humming just below […]