In reply to Mr Harris’ comment that we had omitted Mr Bailey’s link to his blog, we did not have knowledge of it, and moved to add the link as soon as it was pointed out. Mr Bailey approached us with the submission, and we were very thankful to run such a well written piece about overcoming a nasty Wallace. 
Mr Harris, as many of you know, was a major piece here at DBP before we asked him to leave. We highly respect and enjoy the writing of the Island Chronicles, and find it to be entertaining writing on paddling. However, the same divisive and hateful nature that is oft times expressed in the rants therein were seeping into our own dealings behind the scenes at DBP. This was intolerable in an endeavor which is group based with contributors, nay FRIENDS, from all over the country and the world with different philosophies and from different disciplines of paddling. He also deleted others’ work on our Facebook page which is a power all Admins have but none abuse. So he was jettisoned. He may have harsh words for us. We wish him nothing but the best. 
We value inclusivity and respect above all else here at Dirt Bag Paddlers. You will no longer see anti SUP postings, or anti anything unless it is people who harm the environment or others. Even then we strive for a measured approach.
We will offer all a forum to comment on our stories in our weekly Sunday editorial piece, of which this is the inauguration, as well as express opinions on current situations etc as they come to us. Please feel free to email us with comments for consideration at [email protected]
~ Mike Toughill

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