This awesome illustrated how-to guide is the perfect stocking stuffer for the kayakers who “habla espanol!” Reminiscent of William Nealy’s “Kayak”, the artwork will entertain any boater in the DBWorld. Not being able to read or speak Spanish much better than a preschooler (lo ciento, yo hablo malo y poco…) we contacted Carlos who graciously told us all about this fun book in both Spanish and English. ¡Muchos Gracias, Hermano! ¡SALUD!

¿Quieres iniciarte en el kayak de estilo libre de una forma rápida y segura? ¿Eres ya un piragüista de nivel intermedio o avanzado que quiere ampliar su repertorio de maniobras? ¿Quieres tener una lista completa de las maniobras de rodeo ilustrada y con explicaciones para aprenderlas paso a paso? El libro KAYAK DE ESTILO LIBRE contiene todo lo que necesitas para conseguirlo.
Do you want to learn freestyle kayaking quickly and safely? Are you already an intermediate or advanced level kayaker and want to expand your repertoire of moves? Do you want to have a complete list of rodeo moves with illustrated explanations for learning step by step? The book KAYAK DE ESTILO LIBRE contains everything you need to get it.

– CONCEPTOS TEÓRICOS que rigen la práctica del Kayak Freestyle (deslizamientos, flotabilidad, fuerzas que intervienen, formación y estructura de las olas y rulos, energías intervinientes…).
– THEORETICAL NOTIONS about the practice of Freestyle Kayak (slides, buoyancy, forces involved, formation and structure of waves and holes, intervening energies …).
– TÉCNICAS BÁSICAS a dominar (tipos de palada, chandel, double pump, esquimotaje C to C, surf, botes, giros en plano…).
– BASIC TECHNIQUES (types of stroke, chandel, double pump, Eskimo C to C, surfing, boating, spins…).

– Repertorio completo de MANIOBRAS DE ESTILO LIBRE  explicadas paso a paso.
– Complete repertory of FREESTYLE MOVES explained step by step.
– Recomendaciones de EJERCICIOS en el agua y en tierra firme para facilitar el aprendizaje de cada maniobra.
– Recommended EXERCISES in water and on land to facilitate the learning of each move.

– CONSEJOS DE SEGURIDAD en aguas bravas (tanto en río como en mar).
– SAFETY TIPS whitewater kayaking (both river and sea).

Todo ello acompañado de más de 500 ILUSTRACIONES EXPLICATIVAS A TODO COLOR, porque una imagen vale más que mil palabras…        
The book includes over 500 FULL COLOR EXPLANATORY ARTWORKS, because one picture is better than one thousand words…
Puedes consultar más detalles del libro, ver animaciones de las maniobras y hacer tu pedido en www.kayakdeestilolibre.blogspot.com.es. Si quieres contactar con el autor envía un email a [email protected]
You can see more details of the book, see animations of the moves and order in www.kayakdeestilolibre.blogspot.com.es. If you want to contact the author send an email to [email protected]

Here at Dirt Bag Paddlers we consider the world our playground and we love diversity and multiculturalism! We were very stoked to run our first bilingual article. Carlos also says that although the book is currently available in Spanish only, he is interested to see if there is interest in an English translation so he can go back to the publisher… So help him out and express your interest by emailing him PRONTO! Gracias Amigos! 
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