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WELCOME TO OUR MONDAY MORNING FEATURE. We hope to share with you our readers the songs of the River, that they may either start your work week off right or recharge your batteries after a long weekend with the custys… We heartily accept Submissions

How many rapids slumber
Beneath the dam runout today?
Quieted not forever, yet
Stilled for me and my kin…
Trapped and conquered rivers
Wasting away the banks and cliffs
And Rainbow bridges of yore,
Put to their slumberbymeremortals
Who dream themselves of power
Unleashed, yet  power denied
To these majestic rapids.
And the souls theyinspireandwater
Shall awake one day
To the sound of monkey wrenches
And the rapids
Shall reclaim one day
Their babble and their bauble
The glory that’s denied them
As they patiently lay asleep.

An Elvish Drinking Song from THE HOBBIT by JRR Tolkien
Roll-roll-rolling down the hole!
Heave ho! Splash plump!
Down they go, down they bump!
Down the swift dark stream you go
Back to lands you once did know!
Leave the halls and caverns deep,
Leave the northern mountains steep,
Where the forest wide and dim
Stoops in shadow grey and grim!
Float beyond the world of trees
Out into the whispering breeze,
Past the rushes, past the reeds,
Past the marsh’s waving weeds,
Through the mist that riseth white
Up from mere and pool at night!
Follow, follow stars that leap 
Up the heavens cold and steep; 
Turn when dawn comes over land,
Over rapid, over sand,
South away! and South away!
Seek the sunlight and the day,
Back to pasture, back to mead,
Where the line and oxen feed!
Back to gardens on the hills
Where the berry swells and fills
Under sunlight, under day!
South away! and South away!
Down the swift dark stream you go
Back to lands you once did know!

Untitled by J Gartert
Bold piles
And walls of boulders
We slide between
In the swirling
Wearer away of Earth
Blazer of rock.
Tumbling and bouncing us down
To where we meet the bus driver
And ride back to town.

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