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WELCOME TO OUR MONDAY MORNING FEATURE. We hope to share with you our readers the songs of the River, that they may either start your work week off right or recharge your batteries after a long weekend with the custys… We heartily accept submissions via email.  here
Today we delve into the world of the haiku. 

WALLACING by Chicago Toughill
white froth river pulse
heaving breaking crashing hole
back upon itself
beat downward ever down
no light but sounds of rushing
embraced by cold arms
rise up toward light
emerging from chaotic
pulsing river depths

A Haiku of Rivers and Life
by Rising-Sea 
Rivers are like life.
Time and life flow like water
It can not be stopped.
No matter how hard
life will continue to flow
just like a river
You can try to fight
but then sooner or later
it will keep flowing
Endlessly flowing
so continue to flow down
the rivers of life

HAIKU by Taz Riggs
  I took an interest in Haiku, so I went to a friend that I knew had been published. Here are four lessons that I learned:
 #1. Never ask an expert for advice; The more you learn, the less you know.
 #2. One breath, juxtaposition, seasons, senses, motion.
 #3. Form, structure, cadence.
 #4. Cheating is fair.
 … so, I went and got a book. Here’s a couple class III, traditionals. A sharp class IV and attempt at a class V.
Passion or pleasure
Now let’s get down to business
All forward, my friends.
Fall    leaf
Mingle    ice
Leave    eddy
Stopped by current
  Held in flow
   Face down
   Drive rain
   Taste fear
Believe, amend
   Arms wide
   Sun warm
   Hear smile
Receive, ascend
   Feet fly
   Leaf drift
   See kiss
Release, defend
   Hands close
   Snow wisp
   Smell near
Relearn, unbend
   Ears high
   Howl wind
   Touch tear
Begin, again

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