MAY 2015 – Maine in May! #Maytag!

We are stoked for May here at DBP MAGAZINE ONLINE! Spring is full on, and so is the boating scene. We are running a booth at Cheat Fest the first weekend of the month, followed by one a few weeks later at The Stonycreek Rendezvous, and later in the month up on the Clackamas. Festival season is back!
We’ve made our theme here “Maine in May”, and what better way than to use a photo from Maytag on the Kennebec River, Maine’s most photogenic Wallace?  We selected this shot of Greg Parker, shot by Albert Marinelli, chosen by DBP-ME Admin Ryan Waterhouse in a contest on the Dirt Bag Paddlers Facebook page. Here are a few other submissions from various Maine dirtbags! 
Alicia Cox: First time 2 Cox one boat #Maytag Joshua David Cox (couldn’t find the original)
Cory White : MAYTAG!
Sam Mathieu: #Maytag
We’ve got some stories to go along with the theme, including a throwback tale of a first descent in the bucket boat days, and a Spotlight feature story retelling the tale of American patriots running the rivers of Maine during the revolution. There will be more goods as well… But we don’t wanna tip our hand too much… 
We have an announcement to make as well. We have doubled our Editorial staff, adding Wes Breitenbach and Taz Riggs, who join Alex DePue and Chicago Mike Toughill. Two rubber pushers and two hard boaters. One Love!
So hang on tight, get out and paddle the gnar, and we will be here waiting when you’re done…. free as the breeze, consistent as the river, dirtbag as it gets! Cheers, homies! 

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