HOW DIRTBAGS SPEND A WEEKEND ~ Images From Around The Globe. by dirtbag paddlers

How did you spend your weekend? We hit up some fellow DBs from all over the globe, asking for some pics and words to share. You never know what you’ll get when you ask dirtbags for something…. But feel free to comment below with YOUR OWN story, dirtbag! Cheers!!

AARON KENDALL: Both photos taken by myself. 1st of Alex Parsons on Lower Cynfal, One of North Wales many hidden gems. A picturesque committing boxed in gorge. 
2nd photo of Sarah mutton on her 1st ever river, loving every second with a smile to show it. Picture On the perfect introduction facility at Mile End Mill, River Dee. North Wales, UK. 

TROY LAFAYETTE: Local Guide Juan Regenerati on the right tag teaming up with Owner/Guide Charles Gonçalves, keeping clients safe on the brown. Taken on the Rio Peixe in Soccorro, Brazil. The locals love to refer to their city in Soccorro, Brazil as “Help City” which is the English translation.
This is me: Got back to my roots (IK-ing) this weekend on the Alto Juquia in Juquitiba Brazil.

CALEB CHICOINE: Down Valley Bottom Feeders putting into Life After Death below the harrowing Upper Death on the Colorado River in Glenwood Canyon.

JEAN-NICHOLAS CYR: Ottawa river, Canada. Pics by me! “Got married last weekend.  My wife said I could tie her up and do whatever I I did and I went kayaking!”DOM WHITTAKER: Me kayaking on the Una river from the Bosnian side, separating Croatia and Bosnia. Great river! Great trip! Dom – UK

LEE LAUGHTON: Gage and I on the Tarawera River NZ …. Winter is here and its getting cold, particularly when a simple grade 2 wave swallows me up… 
Gump on the Tarawera River NZ, Winter paddling at 4 degrees celcius, Brrrrrrrrrrr!!!


CHICAGO MIKE TOUGHILL: Sometimes it’s fun to boat a Class III river to watch the beaters and check out the side canyons with the one you love…

CHRIS JUVSHIK: Adam Chappell, Upper No Name, Ottawa River +10.
Simon on 7/8 hole, Ottawa River +7.
Martin Kowalski on a almost in corner wave on the Ottawa river at +5.5
Chris Juvshik cartwheeling S-bend on the Ottawa river at +5.5

CLINTON BEGLEY: Tim Madison scouts BZ Falls on the White Salmon River in Washington this passed weekend.
Searching the depths for aquatic life after a successful Oregon Tuck on the White Salmon in WA.
Mt. Hood in Oregon as seen from WA.
And Dropping into the Narrows on the N. Santiam river in Oregon. All these are from the last three days. Paddle on Brothers and Sisters!

As if you didn’t have enough to work with, here is another one from N. Santiam in Oregon. There isn’t much whitewater in this shot, but so much about kayaking is the places it takes you. If I wasn’t kayaking, I’m not sure I’d drive two hours just for this view. But once you’re in there, at the bottom of a burly rapid, sitting atop sapphire blue waters and looking up at cliffs dripping emerald tendrils, I sometimes feel like I’m light-years from any place else. It’s pure magic.

KIP WING: (from Lee’s Ferry on the Colorado River) Mmm that’s some rigs.

JASON FLANNERY: R2ing with Dan McCain thru Disneyland on the North Fork Payette @ 2100 cfs. 

PETER ELY: Compression Falls, Elk River TN. One of the the many awesome runs in the Boone area.
The second one is 5 minutes from town and usually a local swimming hole, unless it floods, like this. The rarely running, Trashcan Falls.

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