JULY 2015 ~ Month of The Canoe. by Chicago Toughill. Cover Photo andother photos of C-1 Travis Overstreet II.

I knew just who to hit up for a selection of photographs to choose from in the changing of cover photos when June began to wind down. We were planning on running a theme for the month of July – the Canoe. We lined up a few interviews, some personal stories, some gear, and a Spotlight Feature on the state of canoeing in whitewater today, written from four spectrums of the sport. The natural selection was one of the authors of the Feature, Travis Overstreet II from Virginia. 
Travis is a busy family man who makes the utmost out of his limited hardcore boating time, and who has also passed along the love of paddling to his kids, just as he learned at his dad’s knee. He hooked up the shots from a lifetime of getting his fix in his various favorite boats, all canoes (technically) and we were stoked to share all of these photos along with posting the new cover. Later in the month we will hear more from him. 
Thanks for making us successful. We celebrated our 50,000 read of this online publication in this our eighth month, while we were paddling, celebrating, reporting, and running a booth at FIBArk in Salida, CO. The Dirt Bag Paddlers Facebook page creeps steadily on 7,500 likes, and our Instagram account, started at the same time as DBP MAGAZINE ONLINE, has 2500 followers. We reached almost 70,000 people in one week over FIBArk. We hope you continue to enjoy our mix of stories in the days and weeks of July. And remember: we accept submissions! 

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