LAST LOOK ~ Photos from around the World. by DBP Admins

We close the month with some photos from a few of the Dirt Bag Paddlers Admins.
For some it IS Summer in January, and for the rest of us Summer is a long ways away… yet a short “Last Look” back… Enjoy! 

Taz Riggs:
“Bye bye!” Looking back to the summer Chattooga.
Daniel Young:
Playa Jaco, Jaco Costa Rica. Photo Juliet Jacobsen Kastorff

Rio Quijos, Ecuador. Photo William Craig Parks

Rio Sarapaqui, Sarapaqui Costa Rica. Photo William Craig Parks

Beth MacKenney
Looking back to summer guiding in Maine.

Kelly Gladen 
GoPro POV look back from a day spent shredding in West Virginia.

Troy Lafayette
Gotta love the special R2 client trips in Brazil, where it’s summertime. 

More from Troy: “Client goes first…right?”

Jason Flannery
Sending it in the PNW. Boating is BEST in January! 

Cairo Flannery
Dirtbaggin Artist in Bend, OR

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