LAST LOOK MARCH~ Photos from around the World. by DBP Admins

We close the month with some photos from a few of the Dirt Bag Paddlers Admins. We are 125 strong from 30 countries around the globe, drawn from every discipline of paddling. 
March is a month where Dirtbags are firing it up on every continent. Where some paddlers are winding down, for some it’s the wettest, best season, and for many of our readers the rivers are just getting good! 

The time is ripe in the Pacific Northwest! March is when the rivers are going solid, and the whitewater festival season is just around the bend. Here’s a shot by esteemed PNW action photographer Paul Thomson, a friend of Admin Greg Babikoff, shown here sending it at the Northwest Creeking Competition a few years back. Not only is this year’s NWCC coming up in a few days, but we will be running an interview with Paul in next month’s Mag. 

West Virginia is going strong! Everyone is getting their rips in before the guide season gets underway and customers determine what rivers will be run. Kelly Gladen, dreaming of those warm days ahead, sends this POV shot, “Lower Stairstep Rapid, lower Gauley River.”   

Here in Wisconsin, we’ve seen the earliest ice out in memory on the Peshtigo River, original home of Dirt Bag Paddlers. Editor-in-Chief “Chicago” Mike Toughill and Dale #danewho Guarniere scored the first rip of the year March 13. Dale took this shot from inside the “Snake Pit”, the veritable guide cabin at Kosir’s Rapid Rafts, of gear drying by the woodstove while we prep for another icy mission. 

“Chicago” also got a solo rip on the Root River near Racine, WI. March had great boating weather in the Midwest! 
In Canada the season has also started earlier than normal. Ollie El-Gamel is back at university, and back shooting epicness on the Ottawa River. “Cooper Lemkay throwing a big pan am on Buseater.” This photo is the first to appear in this article. 

Ollie killed it with this beautiful photo. “Stoner wave, Ottawa River. Paddler Quinton Kennedy.”

In South Florida, the roads have become rivers and the Wallace is delivered from above. Brian Horan captured this funny playboater sending the street! 

Paul Teasdale is making the most of attending the African Freestyle clinic on the Nile River. He’s now doing camera work and learning judging after dislocating his shoulder while paddling at the invite only event. Get well soon, #RAWHero! 

Chris Macdonald is getting some serious training in this time of year in the UK. Best to get those chops in on the course! He’s also working with fellow Admin Storme Sparkes on an interview of young paddler Mayo Cross for the April edition! 

Troy Lafayette reports contently from South America: “Everything as it should be down here in Brazil. Winter…Summer I forget which is which. Two thumbs up.”

The action is on down there right now, and Troy is taking full advantage. This rubber pusher photo closes out the month of March! “Two Americans and one Brazilian, Rio Turvo, Barro da Turvo, São Paulo Brazil. Foto Taken By Explore Turismo.” Chao! 

“We exist to share stories of paddlers of all disciplines from all over the world; to interview icons and playmakers in the paddling community and whitewater industry; to preserve the stories of our collective history; to raise awareness of and to protect our rivers and resources; to promote whitewater festivals and events; to report on competitions and competitors in the race community; to give a home to the artistic side of paddling in poetry, artwork, music, and humor; to be inclusive not exclusive, to preach unity and support, safety and camaraderie; to break down the barriers that separate society; to have a global outlook with a local feel; and to celebrate the Dirtbag Lifestyle!”
So get out there, be awesome, and make this world a better place!!
All Forward Thinking. 
That’s what it’s all about! Expanding our sport’s horizons is something we are actively doing… Reminding each other that our community is the same no matter where the River is, the color of skin or language spoken. On The River it’s all one language, the language of Flow. 

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