LAST LOOK JUNE ~ Wallace Photo Spread from regular dirtbags around the World!

We draw the Wallace Issue to a successful conclusion with some photos from worldwide friends and followers of the Dirt Bag Paddlers Facebook page and our Instagram feed @DBP_4_LIFE. Enjoy! 

Jennifer Smoak kicks it off with a scene from the Green. SE Represent! “That’s Hammer Factor on the Green River Narrows… The last significant rapid on the run. Billy had a great line through the rapid but got flipped at the hole at the bottom, then pushed into the “pothole” on river left. Very difficult to get rolled up there at this low level. In the pics he’s out of his boat still in the pothole… His brother Chris is up top waiting.”

Jack Frost is a longtime homie from the Davao River in the Philippines. He gladly shared some recent rubber pushing Wallace from that awesome commercial run! Ride the Brown! 

Brielle Poeldnurk sent out a great photo shoot from the Lower Youghiogheny River in Pennsylvania. “A flip in Cucumber on the LY this past weekend.” Ouch, that’s a nasty place to Wallace! “WRA staff trip. That’s what we do on our weekends off. WRA: Whitewater Rafting Adventures, our raft company in the Pocono Mountains on the Lehigh River, PA. Photo credit Ohiopyle Adventure Photo.”

Speaking of the Lower Yough… Our old friend Buck Marietta is an Ohiopyle original! He forwarded this photoshop Wallace like a true dirtbag! “Famous Corey Forest of White Water Adventurers.” Buck is deaf, and has an original way of writing that we love! He included another shot of an unidentified WWA raftguide Wallaced after a long night at the Pub. “Yeah u see on sign said welcome river.” Hahahah!

Diego Fabiciack sent some epic shots from Brazil, where the Wallace is strong! These shots sum up everything we love about the dirtbag lifestyle and the #OneLoveOneRiver philosophy. “Abraço irmão!” Lean into it bro! 

DBP has always embraced every way in which dirtbags run their rivers, which is why we were so stoked to see our friend Muhammad Riza Fadillah’s riverboarding photos. Hard charging in Indonesia, homie! Experiencing the Wallace at face level. 

We always love our Colorado brethren, in particular the Brown’s Canyon Rafting crew! Jeremy Spircoff and Dan Margolis sent some high water runoff shots from a few days back. Air Bag! 

Brandon Spring from British Columbia is a fairly new kayaker just learning about the trials and tribulations of dirtbaggin’. “The River tastes my blood for the first time,” he said. That’s the definition of Wallace! 
We wrap up the Ode to Wallace month with David Koyrakh @dav_koy who follows our IG feed, where he sent the photo at the top of the article. “Summer 2013 dry exit from Phil’s hole on the Ottawa a week after learning how to roll. Photo credit to OKS.”
Hope you enjoyed June! We got some awesome content to come next month. Cheers! 

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